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What dog toys do not have stuffing?Updated 8 months ago

Got a dog that doesn’t like stuffing? These stuffless alternatives offer just as much fun, often including features like various-sized squeakers, hidden ropes and inner crinkle material to keep playtime engaging! 

Explore our collection of stuffless toys: Garden Fresh Toy Peapod XS, American Classic Frenchie Fries XS & MGlobetrotter Howling Hounds HeadphonesGlobetrotter Pucci's SandalBack to School Doggie DigitsBack to School Fido's FootballPawty Time Raise the Woof Party Horn MClover Sonoma Milk CartonBlooming Buddies Sassy SunflowerSnack Attack Good Boy ColaLove Bug Ruv LetterMerry Woofmas Good Dog Stocking90s Classics Woofbuster VideoAlloy Keybark Gaming Keyboard and Cloud Arfa Gaming Headset.

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