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Mini collections for small dogsUpdated 10 months ago

Small dogs deserve big fun too! P.L.A.Y.'s mini-sized dog toys are crafted specially for pint-sized pups. These toys are perfect for tiny teeth and offer hours of delightful play. 

Recommended toys: XS Golden Gate Bridge, XS Statue of Liberty, XS Eiffel Tower, XS Avo-doggo Toast, XS Buddy Mary, XS Chicken and Woofles, XS Pup’s Pastry, XS Benny’s Benedict, XS Barky Burger, XS Frenchie Fries, XS Hot Diggy Dog, XS Mutts Milkshake, XS Fluffy’s Fried Chicken, XS Apple, XS Carrot, XS Peapod, XS Pumpkin Toy, XS Zucchini, XS Best Day Ever Balloon, XS Bone-appetite Cake, XS Canine Crown, XS Raise the Woof Party Horn, and XS Pawfect Present

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